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DJ 36 Deep Bio:

DJ, Music Producer ,MC and Club Events promoter specializing in distinct ambience themed in open format styled mixing.

DJ 36 Deep , Born and raised in Bronx , New York currently residing in Lake County, Florida. DJ 36 Deep first got his break in the entertainment world as a promoter for New York City life in the early 90's promoting clubs as prominent as Lime Light and Paladium to name a few. His original genre of preference was house music, techno and hip hop spinning off into his own with The Deep Night's Club and Zona Roja where promoting reputable artist events was his focus. DJ 36 Deep who was coined "THE MAVERICK" because of his ability to wear multiple hats in the club scene could perform as an opener ,easily take over the night as the Headliner and seamlessly back as a promoter. His ability to understand the workings of the entertainment business has put DJ 36 Deep in demand for unique events with high energy. 


Timelines and the DJ 36 Deep Smart Draw 

Organization and DJ 36 Deep Smart Draw also known as The Timeline 

First imagine yourself as a celebrity movie star auditioning for a role written exclusively with you in mind. Now imagine yourself never reading the script and it's time to roll out the best and most memorable performance of your entire lifetime, "Without a script? I don't know my lines or when to say them. How could I?" 

Event Timeline Organization is the main reason why Wedding parties take up dance choreography, write their speeches and of course choose the best song to match their forever moment. 

Weddings can be complicated affairs. Most involve the introduction of the couple and the wedding party , but also include prayers, toasts, special requests, traditional rituals (garter toss, apron dance) and other things needed to choreograph and narrate. 

Frequently, the bride and groom will lose track of time, and need to be reminded (or the caterer/event manager) to stay on track. Professional DJ's are managers of the scheduled activities and not just the music.

Timelines focuses on both and helps to alleviate the anxiety of not knowing what's to come next. 

My Best advice is Smart Draw:

Don't Wing it... Bring it. Holla 

Wishing you an awesomeness event

DJ 36 Deep